About Us

Industrial Arts & Method

We chose the phrase “industrial arts and method” to capture the essence of a unique design process utilized at schools supported by the Foundation. Specifically, we take inputs from both industry and the arts and apply a design methodology to elicit both far-reaching idea generation and tangible solutions. Linus Torvalds, the inventor of Linux, said,

“Almost anybody can have an idea… Getting things actually done is where people stumble.”

The IAM method takes the practitioner beyond ideas to their realization in successful products. It achieves a balance between the non-incremental innovations that improve the efficiency of what we already do and help us go further (and faster) in the directions we are already heading; and enable us together to go to new, unexpected places, where we will find disruptions and, consequently, opportunities.

Water & Ice

MIT Sloan School Professor Charles Fine uses a metaphor of the phase transition between water and ice to describe innovation. Water is fluid, representing the breadth and freedom of exploration necessary for creativity and invention; Ice is solid, representing the depth and structure necessary to transform an invention into production. Innovation occurs in a “liquid” phase; industrial consolidation of innovation is “solid.”

The IAM process uses the “water and ice” metaphor to describe a full-immersion model of learning and doing. In our model, water represents open-ended invention; ice represents joint directed research in conjunction with industry partners and clients. Situated in the phase transition between water and ice, practitioners of the IAM method bring amplification and acceleration to the industrial design process, a process referred to as “experience design”.


Our Team



Walter Bender is a founding member and former Executive Director of the MIT Media Lab, co-founder of One Laptop per Child, and founder of Sugar Labs, an organization that provides educational software to children around the world.


Vice President

Franco Lodato is a renowned industrial designer for Motorola, Ferrari, Herman Miller, Pininfarina and other global enterprises. He is also the founder and principal of iBionics design consultancy.



Antonio Malavé is a serial entrepreneur in the Miami area where he focuses on real estate project development. He is an expert in organizational and operational management.

Advisory Board

Howard Nuk, VP Industrial Design, Samsung Consumer Electronics, San Francisco

Hartmut Esslenger, Founder, Frog Design, San Francisco

Brian K Smith, Professor, Drexel University, Philadelphia

Jon Craine, Principal, Jon Craine Graphic Design, Boston

Jaime Borras, CTO, Mobile Technology Consortium, Florida International University

Vassoula Vasiliou, President, AIGA Miami

Danilo De Rossi, Director, Centro Piaggio, University of Pisa, Italy

Marc Desmulliez, Director, Nature Inspired Manufacturing Centre, UK

Myorr Janha, Chief Marketing Officer, Rush Communications/ Simmons Design Group

Peter Antonelli, Design Director, IDEO New York

Board of Overseers

Larry Rifkin, Rifkin and Fox ‑ Isicoff, P.A.

Omar Camero Zamora, President, Televen

Rene Brillembourg, President, Emida Technologies

Javier Elguea Solís, Director, Educational Programs, Carlos Slim Foundation

Martín Camero Alvarez, Televen International Corporation